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The Club of God - RIP XS

You wouldn`t think that while you are travelling that there is much going on back home that could cause such a dark day as this but we have just recieved the terrible first we thought it was some kind of sick joke but it has now been confirmed from multiple sources. Despite a loyal following from hundreds of Pickering socialites the World renowned Club XS (9 Aberdeen Walk Scarborough) is closing its hallowed doors. Never again will we be able to bound up those magical stairs to musical heaven, never again will we be able to gyrate in or cling onto those steel cages and never again will we be able to form a gigantic circle of shame enveloping the whole dance floor.

Since the early days of the infamous beach parties XS has provided a world class venue for under 18 drinkers and has continued to entertain way into the present day.  Many a birthday party have been thrown here and Lockwoods Dad even proposed to his mum while down on one knee on the podiums.

English journalist and part-time poet David Turton wrote this fitting and moving Epitaph

I heard some news this morning that blackened my very soul,
Tears of sadness fell like raindrops into my breakfast bowl.
Because the powers that be are closing my most beloved place,
and right now I cannot raise a smile upon this forlorn face.

It was the end of the last century I first walked through her doors,
My fingers in the air as I graced the hallowed floors.
She was so beautiful I fell in love on my first sight,
My life was to change forever on that wonderful summer night.

As the years passed by I cherished my nights with the one I love,
A place so holy it must have been sent down from up above.
My love for her was so true it would last till until my dying day,
But this morning's dark news means she is no longer here to stay.

She will always live forever, in my ever-thoughtful mind,
Her legacy is one that I will not let be left behind.
When I think to how happy she made me I can almost raise a laugh,
But this is a dark day and I hope you have enjoyed my XS Epitaph.

We all have own special memories of this wonderful place and in the words of Take That who provided the ending track to many a night..."never forget where your coming from"

So if you could all raise your bottles of VK Blue as we propose a toast to an old friend...XS we will always love you.

There will be a minutes silence next sunday in rememberance.

For those readers who have never been to XS trust us when we say you have missed out on a life changing experience...