Salta, Argentina
24° 46' S 65° 24' W
Feb 27, 2006 00:44
Distance 373km

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Full Supermarkets

...that's my first strong impression of salta. i met hannes, a nice austrian guy, we share a room and will rent a car tomorrow to explore the area. more end of the week!

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hannes and me on the way to cachi huge cactus red flowers lonely chapel on the road... next to the road in salta molinas, where we spent the night spooky graveyard in molinas late afternoon view of molinas landscape near molinas landscape near molinas landscape near molinas on the way to cachi cactus austriacus sol, the daughter of one of the artesanas the house of the artesanas sol enjoying dulce de leche mitru, i think that was her name wine we tasted in cafayate unloading grapes in cafayate, hermanos domingo church in molinas night scene in molinas church in salta argentina! hannes with new car hannes in supermarket wonderland! real cowboys! panificadora green dry mud luise! my friend from austria/london! her international business tobi and me discussing steaks tobi in love julia, tobi, me, eva and luise having a wonderful dinner at "fridas" julia on the rocks having a picnic in san lorenzo, close to salta