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Christmas Eve, German/ Aussie style

You may or may not be aware of this, but Germans celebrate Christmas on the 24th December (they also have Santa visiting on the 6th) - talk about getting in early...

So in keeping with tradition, Fritz and Ulla had their family Christmas do on Christmas Eve, where we got to meet Fritz' offspring - and their offspring and their offspring's offspring - and assorted girlfriends/ wives/ husbands nearly simultaneously. So apologies if we get the names wrong... In descending order - Fritz and Ulla, Uwe and Ranko (Fritz' sons), Kyleen (Ranko's wife), Nicole (R & K's daughter) and husband Darren, with their daughters Sera (7), Jessica (2) and baby Kira (very small!), Dale and Warren (R&K's sons) and Warren's Kiwi girlfriend Tameka.

First off was a big buffet dinner - everyone had cooked something, and there was a lot, even split between 15 or so people. After that Dale and Warren hung up a Santa-shaped piƱada - which isn't quite traditional, in Germany or Oz - and a happy half hour was spent beating it to shreds with those tubular polystyrene swimming floats. Sera had more than her fair share of turns at it, and in the end pulled it down and kicked it open, which didn't do the contents much good. I think Fritz wasn't very impressed either.

After the sweets had been liberated(!) and distributed, and the remainder hidden from Jessica (who seemed to have a serious sugar craving!), everyone retired to the lounge and presents were handed out. New system to me: everyone puts their name into a hat with a list of two or three things they'd like to get. Then everyone takes a name, and buys a gift for that person ($50 maximum). Obviously we were exempt from this, but it was fun watching everyone else ripping in to their packages.

Photos / videos of "Christmas Eve, German/ Aussie style":

Back row (L-R):  Nicole, baby Kira, Ranko, Ulla
At table (L-R): Kyleen, Dale, Tameka, Sera, Darren, Fritz, Uwe, my good self, Warren Sera, giving it large to the pinada I'm only doing this because they made me... Me with my trophy