Arequipa, Peru
17° 19' S 70° 19' W
Oct 23, 2005 17:13
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Loosie Goosie

Peruvians love their Regatron and 80's American music.  Get Dragon (the band) "Rain" (the song)... Im falling in love with this diddy.  It's proof that Australian hairbands can make it somewhere.

Last weekend I took a trek down to the deepest canion in the world, Cañon del Colca.  6 hour bus ride along 4500m altitude, freezing and bump as hell.   Walked from 3500m down to 2000m, saw condors, lizards, tonnes of catcti, and local ladies weaving their quilts.  Slept in paradise... an oasis at the basin with natural swimming pools, unicorns, chickens and chicks roaming, donkies and exotic birds... a bamboo hut with a double bed and a dirt floor.  Up at 2:am to make our ascent.. with diarrhea and a fever.  took a donky on the 2nd half of the climb, shat on it.  6 hours later we reached the top.  bumpy bus ride back to Arequipa, no toilet on bus, the driver stopped the public bus every 30min so i could do my worst on the highway.  All in all a memorable trek.

The architecture here is stunning.  On to Puno tomorrow to hang on floating islands in the world's highest lake, Lake Titicaca.

Love yall... ben.