Sheffield, United Kingdom
53° 21' N 1° 30' W
Jul 23, 2006 21:16
Distance 974km

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Summer Up North

Photos / videos of "Summer Up North":

Switzerland v S. Korea Watching England v Equador at a real chav pub in Nottinghamshire Watching the World Cup Final The penalty shoot out was too much to bear Happy Italians In the Peak District In the Peak District Louise - Hope - Jessie in Kelsey Park Steve + Mia - Ruth + Grace Steve and Hope Ana, Maurizio, Linda, JJ Jessie at work - with twins The Hunter and The Hunted - fancy dress party New patio - made by Pat' io First BBQ on the new patio Garden coming on strong Neues Auto'li The Peak District The Peak District In the peaks after work on hottest day of the year Huge f**king river jump in the peaks Ma n' Pa in Sheffield : )