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My Birthday to Rugby in Wales

Hey all!

Hope you are all well.  I'm still going great guns, broke, but having fun which is the main thing!!  I have attached some photos of my birthday, which was awesome!  Me and Kel (my flat mate) went to Greenwich Markets on the morning of my birthday which was nice, we had to make it back because 2 of my flatmates were going home so we had to say goodbye which was a bit sad.  You know me and goodbyes!  But I got straight back into the spirit of things and we went out partying that night!!  About me and 17 friends all celebrated at The Loop Bar on Oxford Street, it was fantastic!!  Me and Kel got there early for happy hour (and very happy it was!).  Great to see everyone makes a genuine effort over here coz we are all in the same boat with no fam and all that!  My warm winter coat got stolen out of the cloak room - my own fault for loosing my ticket, but they actually didn't steal it, they just left it on the floor so i got it back - talk about lucky!! Anyway check out the photos below....

We also got some new flatmates to replace Nic and Pat.  They had a lot to live upto but they are cool. They are a couple from New Zealand and they are wicked!  Bec is really WOOOOOO and exciteable which is fun and Colin is a bit more chilled and laidback.  They are awesome, we are all around the same age and go out a bit.  We are having a bit of a house party this weekend, YAY!!  its gonna be wicked sticks.

Me, Kel, Lisa and Eli also went on our day trip to the rubgy at the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales a few weekends ago.  It was soooooo good!  It was the Wales V Australia match.  There was about 500 people on our Aussie Fanatics tour and we all got Green and Gold beanies and t-shirts and looked awesome all together.  We sung good ole Aussie songs all the way to wales and hit the pub at Bar HaHas (hehe what a funny name).  We got all kitted up and got the fake aussie tatoos out and all and drank pints of Fosters like true blue shelias.  The match started at around 5pm and we were sitting right behind the roudy boys that started off all the aussie tunes and cheering!  it was great, but hardly had a voice by the end of it!  There were 73,000+ people there and the stadium was just amazing.  Everywhere you looked was red for wales (except for our tiny 500 people strong green and gold blob) and when the crowd roared they really ROARED.  Anyway, we ended up loosing by 2 points, bugger, and the welsh made sure they rubbed it in!  But the welsh are lovely people and they love aussies so it was all fun and games at the end of the day.  As you can imagine the bus trip home was even roudier!  More aussie songs were sang - you will be surprised how many John Farhnam lyrics you actually know!  it was a great day - now can't wait till the soccer world cup!! haha

Kel and I have also started netball, we had our first match last week.  The team we were put in aren't very good so me and kel were the stars of the team!  They didn't have a shooter so I reluctantly put up my hand and volunteered, I was actually alright, got most of them in which was ok, but we still managed to get beaten by 30 points!  oh well its good to have the exercise especially while the Heathrow injection sets in and my beer gut continues to grow!

Im still going for a heap of agency interviews and the like.  I did actually get a 3 month contract but I quit it.  It wasn't for me, I know I shouldn't be fussy but its hard when work is such a big part of your life and it is crap... I didn't come over to feel crap, so I'm going to try to get back into the creative/marketing/design/advertising/event management side of things I think.  Or if a good reception job that pays well comes along I'll take that too!!  Ive had a few days work here and there which pays the rent and food but ive got a few things in the pipeline and we'll just see how things pan out in the new year...

Ok well hope you are all well and enjoying the summer, if you must know, its cold, wet and dark over here (it actually snowed in country UK the other day) so count yourselves lucky!  Have a swim at the beach for me............ Luv u and miss u




Photos / videos of "My Birthday to Rugby in Wales":

Me and the band, Dialog - what a bunch of spunks!!  They are becoming my replacement 'the ocean canvas' while im here.  but ill always be #1 for one band only..... Eli me and Lisa at my bday My birthday - jess me and dave (hostel buddies) Kel, megan, laura, fuller at my birthday Group shot of some of my friends at my bday Me and kel towards the end of my bday Me and Lisa at my bday me and bri at my bday Me looking wrecked Cardiff, Wales V Australia Rubgy union match.  The Aussie Sheilas WHOOHOO!! Cardiff - lisa and eli on the way to the Millenium Stadium The bloody welsh fans - they were everywhere!! no green and gold to be seen! THE MILLENIUM STADIUM amazing.... The blob of green and gold - some of the 500 aussie fans at the stadium The millenium stadium, 73,0000+ were there for the game me and kel in the spirit of things! Action shot of the rugby, we were winning at this stage!! lisa and eli and some randon welsh supporters who love us aussies