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Oct 11, 2005 15:03
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New House!

Hey again all!

As promised i said i would send you some photos of my new place.  I won't go into great detail coz this journal entry is public, but i will give you an idea.  After 2 trips to and from i finally managed to get all my stuff here on Sunday.  i can't believe i have only been here for 2 weeks and have already gained another bag!  As you can see from the photos, it is a two story town house kinda thing.  It is pretty old but its livable.  I have my own room with a single bed but sharing the house with 4 others - 2 Aussie girls, 1 South african guy and an english guy.  Rent is pretty cheap compared to most places so i got myself a bit of a bargain.  It has a huge backyard, and about 5 mins walk from the tube station.  But still everywhere in london is still dodgey after dark so being street wise is a must.  There is a big park just accross the street, nice to have lotsa greenery around, especially coming into winter.  Although the weather is still lovely, it was 23 degrees yesterday blue clear skies, so we went for a walk around Hyde Park and saw the whats left of the wildlife London hasn't managed to kill!

I know most of you in oz really don't care about the soccer, unlike the English people.  So i thought id go to see a game and see what all the fuss is about.  It was sooo much fun!  i saw the Australia V Jamacia world cup qualifier game.  We sat umoungst all the fellow Aussies all dressed up in our aussie gear and cheered away.  The Aussies ended up winning 5-0 which made it all the more fun - i think i am now a bit of a fan ahhhhh!

I have also been hitting the town and living it up in london style since i have been here, although it should now die down a bit as i have moved into a house and my money is quickly dissapearing.  I did get 2 days work last thursday and friday just doing reception which paid my rent at least for this week.  i have another 3 interviews this week so things are looking promising. 

Now me and Lisa are planning our trip to Venice in a few weeks but we will just have to see how the job hunting goes which will effect how long I will go for.

Will write again soon, hopefully with some job news!  Miss you all!


Photos / videos of "New House!":

My room in London, is old but livable. another piccy of my room and my view out the window! This is our backyard, nice and big which is unusual for london our lounge room complete with sky tv our kitchen The front of our house