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Feb 23, 2007 12:14
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Mine and James' New House

Hi all!

Hope you are all good and enjoying the nice hot weather! It is starting to warm up here (a little bit) and is actually sometimes light when I arrive and leave from work. Very exciting as it means summer is coming! London in the summer it sooooo GREAT!

Most of you know James and I have moved into our new place (nicknamed 'The Love Palace' hehe). It is fantastic! It is a 1 bedroom apartment in the south east of London in a place called Rotherhithe. For those that know London it is right near Canada Water or, opposite Canary Wharf on the other side of the river. It is situated right next to the river Thames (the main river that runs through London) and James tells me it is one of the few places left in London where the 'real London' is left. We have some cute little old english pubs near us and are just 15 mins walk from Tower Bridge and Shad Thames (a really trendy part of London - on the docks).

It is also only 10 mins from Borough Market (a great food market) so every saturday morning we go down there to get our fruit and veg for the week, great fun! I have attached some photos of our place below. We are absolutely loving domestic bliss so far- it is so nice to wake up to a new, clean place!

Take care,


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