Ko Phi Phi, Thailand
7° 41' N 98° 46' E
Dec 15, 2005 12:44
Distance 46km

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Ko Phi Phi

I took the boat to meet Kat from Norway on Ko Phi Phi. It's such an amazing place. The only bummer was that it hardly stopped raining the whole time I was there, and I don't mean nice light rain like at home, but full-on monsoon. I only stayed a short time because when the wind got up and there was talk of a storm I was cautious that I didn't get stuck on the island. I couldn't believe how much tsunami damage was evident. Most of the town has been rebuilt but between the two bays is about 150-200m of land which was wiped out and still it only has a sparse amount of palms and the rest is sand where there used to be jungle. The commemorations will be really special I think, hopefully I'll get to see them on telly. Most of the island is still being built, with construction everywhere, but what has been done so far is really pretty. There is a paved road which goes on a ring around the main part of the town and around covered in pavement flowers - we walked around there and the bars at night and it was like following the yellow brick road. You don't need to know where you're going because you always end up somewhere you know. Although we did walk through a neighbourhood where three people have been shot in the last week - Thai vs Thai apparently. Seems out of place on and island like that. I'm so gutted I didn't get to go snorkelling because of the weather. One of the things I really wanted to do here was see all the colourful fish but I had to be content with snapping some from afar. Kat was lucky and has a room her friend has paid for but has shifted in with his girlfriend. Otherwise living on the island is SO expensive. Her room looks out over a pit where 250 people were found dead after the tsunami though. Nice. The guy whose room it is is a dive instructor, and he sometimes still finds human bones at sea. The worst thing he said he ever found was a babies shoe with bones in. The town is really pretty, and the beaches are amazing. I was offered a job there in a dive shop, but of course I had to leave. I'd quite like to go back and live there for three months in the low season, do some dives etc. Kat took me to a bar run by Swedes and Norwegians where she showed me the Norwegian Xmas Calendar thing = it's a TV show, 15mins a day each day leading up to Xmas... like an advent calendar on TV. But it was all these santas living in a barn, and it was basically santa survivor - they had to vote eachother out with norwegian cookies with writing on them. But it was all acted. It was so bizarre! I left the next day, and like Cinderella I left one of my Havaianas jandals behind, mustve gone overboard cos I couldn't find it. I'm a bit gutted because they've been the best things since sliced bread and you can't get them anywhere here... I loved them and people always commented on them. Not that I'll be needing them in London. I hadn't worn them the whole time because the water was often knee-deep. I'd definitely like to come back here.

Photos / videos of "Ko Phi Phi":

Flattened by the tsunami Fishy fishy More fish Phi Phi street Street Flooding Pit where 250 bodies were found after the tsunami - View from Kat's room. Nice. Millipede? 1st anniversary plans Night street Kat and I I do love to be beside the seasiiiiide... I do love to be beside the seaaaaa... etc etc - Phi Phi Ley where they filmed The Beach in the distance. Tsunami came in this side the beach Pretty port Looking out to the side the tsunami came in. Behind the camera is the port side. Only about 150m between beaches.