Krabi, Thailand
8° 3' N 98° 54' E
Dec 10, 2005 11:18
Distance 198km

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I think I'm cursed. I left Ko Phan Ngan because it was raining and then the sun came out when I left. Then I didn't make it to the beach on the two sunny days here in Krabi. Then on the third day I finally got there and half an hour later it bucketed down, monsoon style, so I went home again. Then the next day I got there, called Dad for his birthday, then took the boat to Phan Nga Bay which is absolutely gorgeous. Wee fish tickle your legs as you float about over the coral in crystal clear warm water.

Then I'm lying on the beach and see the dark clouds coming again so I pack up quick smart to get back to shore before the rain, and hop in the boat. And the guy wanders over the beach looking for more people. Then it buckets down and I get drenched while he takes cover under a tree. When the rain stops he comes over with Fabio reincarnate and his girlfriend. (For Fabio reminders click here:  Pic on left). I wish I got a photo. This guy roams the beach with speedos and has tied his sarong in a kind of loin-cloth kind of style, dripping in gold, with some kind of line of spikes over his lip like a moustache. His gorgeous girlfriend has gold jewellery, bikini, and scrunchie (!) and tattooed eyeliner and false nails. So I'm drenched in the boat with the cast of Gloss goes to the Beach, and this other Thai guy gets on and we have to take him to a boat over the reef. OF course the driver hits the reef, nevermind the coral, and then we nearly get stuck when the reef punctures the boat by my feet and it starts filling with water. So now I'm freaking about my camera if we sink, but we get to shore in time and the driver spends the rest of the day bucketing out the water instead of fixing the hole, and Fabio and friend saunter off, Young and the Restless style.

The sun is out by then and I start to dry off but the sand is still wet so I decide to jump in a taxi to go the 20km back to Krabi town. It's a ute with bench seats and a canopy which is fine, unless you're wet, wearing a sarong and then the wind and rain start again, while you're trying to hold your bag from falling off the back and your sarong up incase you become indecent on the highway, and the flapping peice of material meant to stop the rain and wind. There is also a barrage of cars behind tooting and waving at you. For 20km this went on and then I walked the rest of the way home to a hot shower.

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Ao Nang Beach Ao Nang Beach Ao Nang Beach Ao Nang Beach Ao Nang town Phra Nang Beach Ao Nang Beach Longtail boat - Ao Nang Phra Nang Beach Phra Nang Beach Phra Nang Beach Cliffs around Ao Nang You'll never guess what happened next.... it rained! And rained... Apart from this whopping great tree in the way, you can still see tsunami damage in the grassless patches... thought it would be gone by now Still rebuilding after the tsunami, a year on Ao Nang Cliffs