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Dec 09, 2005 10:54
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How to relax?

I spend most of my days here at the beach on the island lying in tie-dyed hammocks under a thatched roof, looking through coconut palms out to sea. There are massive butterflies that float past me, daring me to chase them. the rain has stopped for now but the clouds insist on lazing about like me, but occasionally letting a flash of sun through, just to remind me who's in control.

The other night I awoke under my mosquito net to hear a doggy choir of howling all the way along the beach - so many dogs, all howling at something. Suddenly I thought maybe there is a tsunami coming, seeing as dogs know things before anyone, and we will all die - everyone sleeping in their wee bunglows, dreaming sweet dreams. But then the howling of a hundred dogs stopped and I fell back to sleep.

Last night I awoke at the same time (4.30am) to an explosive Italian argument with yelling, sobbing and slamming doors. though I don't think the slammer made her point as effective as she could've - she kept slamming the door, emerging again, sobbing something in italian very loudly, and slamming it again etc etc. To me - one door slam = maximum effect. Repeated door slams = amusing.

The people who live and work here are one big family. There is Pit (Peet) who owns the place (Great Bay Resort), her sister Anna who organises and befriends everyone, and her husband - bookeeper, fish extraordinaire and hippie guitar player. The brother owns the internet/travel shop and there are other randoms all related. Anna is great, she calls you darling and plays with my hair and gave me a shell frmo the beach. Her and her husband playfight all day. She looks like a tough cookie and I suppose she is because she lost her German husband (no.1) and her eldest child in a car accident. After that she sold everything she owned to come and live and work with her family for a pittance. but they are all happy as larry and the life is easy. she can't read or write but her english is cute. "Forget me not", "I love you, do you love me not?" "you come back darling, you stay 2 weeks, 3 months?" "Don't go to Krabi darling, we do not know if the tsunami will start again".

There is a book of rules for the bungalows saying it's ok to do (illegal) drugs. "Very nice for yooooooo!" smiles Pit. The sweet smelling weed is passed around each night by a young thai and the wannabe hippies from Italy who fought last night while they listen to tacky techno in preparation for the full moon party next week.

It's nice to be in a wee cocoon by the beach after so much moving about. Swinging in a hammock by the sea with nothing to do but read, swim, eat and sleep. I waited so long for this but it's hard to get your head around the relaxing thing. At home it's seen as lazy and self-indulgent but it's not like I have somewhere to be, friends to meet, or a house to clean. I have 10 days left but i'm not sure relaxing will take that long.

Today I finished another book so went down the road to buy another - Ben Elton's 'High Society' - it is from a shop selling books damaged in the tsunami (flooded book shops). Mine is still damp a year later. I doubt it'll ever feel dry.

Tomorrow I'm going to Krabi on the west coast and will find out more about tsunami commemorations. Apparently most places are booked out for xmas with relatives etc coming over.

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