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life in the fast lane (makes you lose your mind)

london life is flat out. i counted i have only had two evenings at home in the last two weeks.
the last time i wrote here it was waitangi day and i was moaning about how i wasn't in greece for my birthday the next day as planned (since years ago in nz). then i get home and i'm mopily cooking dinner when my flatmate heidi flies through the door and asks if i want to go to greece. i look at her like she had been spying on me all day and say 'hell yeah!' and i flick to my diary where a month ago i'd randomly designated a country to each bank holiday and the one we are going on was magically assigned Greece - ages ago. sometimes things baffle even cynical me. so this is where i'll be for 9 days with 12 others in May (inc. Ben and Michelle whose rubber arms didn't need too much twisting):  Then two days exploring Athens. Bring it on. It's my birthday present to myself.
so the next day was my birthday - yay. wasn't expecting much but it was a cool day. started with a call from tom which was wicked, then a call from mum and dad while i was at work, then lunch with michelle, and then card and birthday cake from my workmates (which was embarassing since i'd only been there a week and a half) and they took me out the next day for lunch. Then after work met Ben, Michelle and Jo for a walk around the West End theatres and into China Town where all the lanterns and lights were still hanging from Chinese New Year. Definitely my fave part of London, this area. We had dinner and then got home and was whisked off to the pub by my flatmates. Also got heaps of nice emails which was really cool.
Friday was birthday drinks in Piccadilly Circus as the last lot of photos show. Was nice to see everyone again, and I can't believe the volume of alcoholic liquid I consumed and still being onto-it. Except for at the end when I got all confused about how to get home since I don't trust the taxi-drivers here after a few random experiences with fake taxis (that's you, mr jamaica, AKA ruskin 25 from brixton!), and repeated warnings not to take one alone. anyway, got home safe, then fell down the stairs in the dark and am still nursing an egg on the head where i hit the door frame and various bruises and scrapes. the biggest dangers are in your own home. i recovered slowly the next day in time for Michelle's birthday dinner in Clapham - was great. Sunday was Goldfrapp concert at Brixton Academy with Jo and Bevan. After dinner and a few drinks we entered the academy - man it's cool. It's like an opera house with wee balconies and you enter the top and the floor slopes down to the stage at the bottom. The sound was spot-on, Alison Goldfrapp was hot, prancing around in a wee mini-dress and a cloud of blonde ringlets, her band were cool, the dancers were thin in their bikinis, alien body suits and undies with a horse tail and wearing a sparkly horse head for 'ride a white horse'. she sang most songs from Supernature and a couple from Black Cherry and her voice was amazing. Though we ran into some bitchy gay guys which could've got ugly.
Yesterday was Valentines Day so Jo and I went shopping (I bought Sly & The Family Stone and The Kinks cds) and then for dinner where we ended up under a big red heart sharing a bottle of wine, listening to love songs by simply red (!) and huffing at the smoochy couples. Highlight was getting my meal for free since this weedy guy forgot to order what he'd written on the order pad - my caesar salad.
And now it's Wednesday. Tonight I'm going with Michelle to dinner and then to Midsummer Night's Dream at Novello Theatre in Covent Garden - tickets I bought her for her birthday. Lucky me, I get to go - it's my fave Shakespeare play. Tomorrow night I'm going to look at a flat in Battersea, and Friday I'm going to an electro breaks gig at some club in Angel with jo and some random guys.
I didn't get the BBC job (which was a bit of a relief since i would've had to have moved out of london) but I don't want to think about jobs and flats since it's the biggest mare. thinking i might just temp/travel/temp/travel, then i don't have to take time off work.
i spend my days at my temp job sometimes full-on but most of the time reading bbc, guardian, time out, and new scientist websites. better go and pretend to be the statistician these people here seem to think i am...
ps trips i'm hoping to do this year:
amsterdam weekend
greece - may
munich - sept
italy weekends
iceland - oct
portugal - easter?
edinburgh - august fringe fest
india/nepal month
turkey week
slovenia weekend
perhaps brazil month next winter