Darmstadt, Germany
49° 52' N 8° 38' E
Aug 16, 2005 21:00
Distance 288km

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BBQ& Schlosskeller

Tonight we went to the Schlosskeller again!  It wasn't as fun this time, but we still had a good time.  Before we went, Rachelle's roommates had a barbeque.  I was going to go, but then I ended up being slow, and I liked being alone for a little bit, so I ended up getting there right as they were about to leave.  So I got there, and we went to the Schlosskeller.  It was weird though because I thought that Rachelle's roommates would come again, especially since they were all at the barbeque, but most of them ended up not going.  That's a lot of why it wasn't as fun, just because we didn't have as many people to talk to.

The main thing that happened (I don't think Carly's going to want to relive this...) was that Carly, Dave, and Sven (one of Dave's old roommates that came with us) were dancing on the dance floor.  There were maybe a couple other people, but it was mostly just them.  So they were all being crazy dancing, and Dave was spinning Carly all over the place.  BUT on one of the spins, Carly let go, tripped on Sven's foot, and flew across the whole dance floor.  It was sooo hilarious, and it kind of looked like she did it on purpose to be funny.  It turned out that she hit her arm when she fell, and so she had to wear a sling to work the next day, but besides that, it was really funny.

We ended up being there until around midnight, but it just seemed like there weren't as many people there so we didn't want to stay longer (all words by Schafe)

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