Krabi, Thailand
8° 3' N 98° 54' E
Oct 12, 2005 11:47
Distance 200km

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Buses and Hardship


I'm in Krabi, despite our bus drivers best attmepts to kill us.  The journey here was ridiculous.  Picked up from Charlies hut in a van, driven 1 hour to a bus, driven 20 mins to the ferry, forced to get off bus and take ferry, which the bus then boarded.  Back on the bus at the other side to Surat Thani, switch to a different bus, then a 3.5 hour stint to Krabi.  It was during this last 3.5 hours that the driver had a death wish.  We passed an overturned truck on the side of the road, which had taken the corner too fast and flipped off the wet road, does our driver slow down?... not in the slightest.  Our bus was very full, forcing me to take the seat under the leaking ac unit (half the busses just have buckets of water coming in).  This was ok, and I was sitting very close to the isle, people would rather stand then take the seat next to me, since it got a glass of water in it everytime the bus took a turn.  Well at one point the bus crank a very hard left, and what happens?  I get soaked in water?  NO... My seat rips right out of the ground and sends me flying into the isle as the seat goes vertical.  Fortunately I was fine, and landed on my feet, providing great entertainment to everyone else on the bus.  I completed the rest of the trip sitting sideways, so I could use my legs to brace my busted seat against the one of the other side of the Isle.

Well we got to Krabi, and found a hotel with 2 single beds, AC, Satalite Tv and HOT WATER for only 500 baht for the room!!  Well that was it.  I had my first hot shower in 28 days last night.  If you can't imagine how good it was, just shower in cold water for the next 4 weeks, and give it a try!!

Well we had a few beers, and had a few games of pool... I was almost undefeated on the table for the entire night (6 games) when I missed an easy shot on the 8 to give away the last game.  Packed it in early cos I had big plans for today.

Today I climed 600 Vertical meters, on a 1237 step staircase, to get to Wat Tham Something or other.  This staricase was crazy, including 60cm high steps that were only 4" wide in some places.  Oh yeah, I also got attacked by a monkey.  I was carrying 1.5 litres of water with me, and this little monkey dived, and clung onto the bottle.  He slid off, and proceeded to jump again, this time grabbing my leg.  Fangs bared he started to climb towards my water.  Since I was in a Buddhist Temple, I decided to take the Buddhist route, and bashed him in the face with my water bottle.  (Well more of a put it in his face and threw him off me with a good push).  I only say this was the buddhist route since a lady who worked there was shooting at them with a slingshot when we arrived.  Monkeys are evil bastards when you get one on one with them in the wild, make no mistake.  When I saw the big one coming for me with the same look in his eye, I ran - I made about 100 of the stairs in a minute!!

Still, after a very strenuous hour, we reached the top and the views were breathtaking.  You also had to ask yourself if everything built up there was carried stone by stone up the same staircase we climbed.  I was exhausted when we reached the top, and actually wrang about a cup of sweat out of my t-shirt before lying down.

The photos say most of it.  The crazy limestone formations are called Karsts, and the day after tomorrow I am doing the sea kayaking tour (I need a day to rest, and England are playing Poland at 2am today, so that should mean beers till 4!  Day of rest tomorrow, then on with the tour!!

Take care till next time!

Photos / videos of "Buses and Hardship":

Monkeys wire fighting Monks in the 'Temple of the Tiger Cave' Statues Steep steps. The view from the top (that concrete tower is 160' high) The Temple on the top of the Mountain View through a Shrine Karsts as viewed from the top Looking back the other way towards Krabi Karsts closer up The top, looking down Where I climbed too, from the access road.