Kioa Island, Fiji
16° 38' S 179° 55' E
Sep 20, 2005 04:30
Distance 26km

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Tui Tai Cruise Day 2 Kioa island

Tues 20th Sept More guests have arrived including Mel and Alex from Sydney and Dave from Canberra. The weather is fine and very warm. To-day we managed to fit in 2 more snorkelling trips including a coral reef called the farm. In the afternoon we sailed on to Kioa Island where we went a shore and met the villagers. It was great fun. I think these people were from the Ellice islands and they bought Kioa after World War 2 as their own islands were getting over populated. I bought some straw baskets as presents.

Weds 21st Sept . When we woke up we found we were at Taveuni Island at a place called Navakacoa. Here we were joined by more guests Ray and Victoria from the USA amd a young couple from Leicester in England. The morning activity was a trip by mountain bike and hiking to Bouma Falls which is located in Tavoro National park which is the first area in Fiji to be protected in this way. There are 3 falls above one another. At present 2 are accessible by trail. The hike was very hot and steep but I made it to the second falls although I ended up about 10 mins behind everyone else ! I felt a great sense of achievement when I got there. Everyone jumped in the swimming hole and the water was lovely and cold. We went back down to the lower falls for a picnic lunch. In the afternoon we continued our voyage and stopped near Qumea Island where we went snorkelling. In the evening we visited a village on the island which is the home village of the ship's captain.

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Bouma Falls Village visit fisherman returning to village swimming at upper falls climbing rocks upper falls village visit John and Carlos playing volleyball on trip ashore