Kanchanaburi, Thailand
14° 1' N 99° 31' E
Oct 28, 2005 15:38
Distance 111km

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Thai Disorganization

We got ourselves pulled together and booked a trip away from the tourist madness of Khaosan Road, Bangkok. The trip was to Kanchanaburi about 3 hours away. From the get-go we couldn't help notice the lack of organization of these very friendly Thai people: We left Bangkok an hour late because the van was missing! Anyway, we got to our first stop where we just plainly got dropped of, our luggage unloaded, and the driver taking off. We didn't know what to do next, but some guys said he would take care of of luggage while we explored a WW2 museum and the "Bridge Over the River Kwai" (from the movie of that name). Upon our return, the friendly Thai said our luggage was at the guesthouse now. So far so good. Besides, it wasn't the guesthouse we were told we would stay at, but since our luggage was here, we stayed. And did I say how we reached the guesthouse? By bamboo rafting. In the itenerary that sounded very fun and exotic, but it was actually just a 200 m. paddle trip from one pier to the next. These Thais, they sure know how to sell their trips!. The afternoon was reserved for elephant riding. Another scam! We were plopped onto an elephant and it took us for a 500m. loop while a 10-year old kid yelled and pulled at his ears with a pick. No, we didn't enjoy the ride much and the rain didn't help. The last adventure for the day was a train ride back to camp. Of course we managed to make things a little more exciting by jumping off at the wrong station, then blazing through the rain after the train in a pick-up truck, and finally getting back on the train. Next day proved little different as new people joined the tour and they had to go see what we saw the previous day (that's the Thai organization I am talking about). However, we did get to go see the Erawan Waterfall which was brown and massive due to the heavy rain, so goodbye to swimming in crystal clear blue water. And rain it did. We got absolutely soaked. On our final day, another couple joined in and yes, now they had to go do to elephant ride ect. We got spared though, and instead we dropped of at yet another waterfall. This one did provide for some good swimming. We also got to go canoing which nobody knew was part of the program (yet, couldn't go to the hot springs as described in the itenerary. Crazy Thais). All in all, the trip was a disaster, but we had so much fun. Every little quirky Thai mishap just made us laugh and the rain isn't as big a bother when you are in good company. Once again, we meet good people from around the world. That's what it is all about.

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Brent gives some green bananas to the elephant as a "thanks for the ride" At one of the steps of the Erawan waterfall Our packed lunch consisted of rice wrapped in plastic, and it came with a little plastic spoon. Delicious. syui oi poik waterfalll Train ride WW2 memorial-Hell Fire Pass