Ban Lŭng, Cambodia
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Dec 05, 2005 11:59
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Dinner with the Ladies

At first appearance it all looked so innocent.  Lots of people standing around, none who spoke much of any English and all much to willing to help you with your order.  We arrived with empty stomachs at around 5 p.m. to an empty, but very large restaurant.  After some struggles from all involved we finally were able to place our order of some vegetarian food.  Things quickly began to change.  From being the only patrons in the restaurant, within an hour it was filled with ~35 people...let me rephrase that 33 men, and 2 women (Susanne and our friend Angela).  After the tables were filled and the beers began to flow, out came the ladies and on with the karaoke machine and some terrible Cambodian high pitched singers.  Then it all became oh so obvious.  Men were arriving in hords and sitting down to quickly be joined by young ladies.  Ladies that were dressed in ways that Cambodian women usually don't dress, and much younger than their male counter parts.  Yes ladies and gents...we found ourselves in a brothel of Cambodian proportions.  The beers kept flowing, the men kept coming, and the women continued to entertain.

Photos / videos of "Dinner with the Ladies":

Anglea and I enjoying some dessert after dinner.  Dane took the picture. In front of the restaurant front for the brothel. The fine ladies of Ratanak.