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Aug 05, 2005 11:36
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Day Two - rested and ready for more!

Cyn and I woke up bright and early August 5th and headed downstairs for our first Scottish breakfast.  The food was quite good and very filling - nice for someone who doesn't usually eat much for breakfast!  That first day started a bit of a tradition as each morning I would manage to knock a small vase of flowers into Cyn's food.  Yes well it *is* morning, I can't be held accountable for my actions....or at least my inability to react.

After breakfast we walked out to the Pleasance Courtyard - admiring Arthur's Seat on the way.  Perhaps next time I visit I'll try climbing it.  Or just take pictures...it's less strenuous anyway.  We met Steve at the pub and then went out to see the Reduced Shakespeare Company's new play: Completely Hollywood (abridged).  It was quite funny although a bit slow to start.  They involved the entire front row of the audience this time rather than just one or two people.  Near the end of the show we saw something dropping down from the ceiling.  I thought it might have been part of the show until I realized it was a fairly substantial spider.  The audience members under it were not as amused as the people behind them.  In any case the show was funny and I'd recommend it to friends.

After the show, we headed out and explored more of Edinburgh.  We stopped into the Royal Museum of Scotland for lunch...yes...lunch.  On the 4th floor of the museum is a very nice restaurant with a lovely view of the city.  To be honest I felt somewhat underdressed for the environment but the food was quite nice and of course the company was fantastic.  After lunch we went downstairs to explore the vertigo-inducing areas of the museum.  Actually the architecture of the place is quite impressive.  It looks a lot bigger from the inside and the layout is very nice.  I'm not sure I really understood the reason for the furniture exhibit though...it was like walking through IKEA...all except for the part where you walk into a mirrored box, close the door and are suddenly attacked by strobe lighting.  Seizure sufferers, do not go in there!  We also watched Steve embrace science and spent a great deal of time watching a fish try to figure out how to breathe air.  The working theory (Steve's) is that it was raised by coyotes.

Right.  After the museum we went for a stroll through a park and had a look at a crafts show for Cyn and then back to the Pleasance in order to go see Omid Djalili perform.  As it turns out, the tickets we were given were for the previous night (a mistake made by the person who gave them to us...not our fault) so we weren't able to get in.  The ticket checker didn't look too closely at Mark's ticket so he ended up watching the show.  Instead we ended up seeing an extremely funny Canadian comedian, Craig Campbell.  After the show we learned that in order to survive an Edinburgh winter you need a hoodie, a windbreaker and homeless gloves.  And for the summer?  Same thing.  We had none of those.  Whoops...well, yay for shopping!

Photos / videos of "Day Two - rested and ready for more!":

Cynthia and Steve watch a fish try to breathe Steve embraces science Steve still embracing science.  Eventually we were able to pull him away...when the museum closed. Steve critiques Cyn's angle Cyn framing up the Castle Steve pointing out....umm...a building of some sort Steve presents...a sunny day in Scotland Cyn in our red and slightly asian themed B&B room. me...being a dork as I try to figure out something about the camera.  Why I continue to include embarrassing pictures is beyond me.