Alice Springs, Australia
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Aug 08, 2005 08:51
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Taking it easy!

Well after last night I needed to sleep and so I did. After 1pm, I thought I really should get up and do some washing. I went for a wander aroun town and had a lovely Roast duck and Asparagus pizza at Red Ochre Grill, with Waltzing Matilda playing in the back ground!

A few people from the Darwin - Alice leg got in tonight and I crashed their table to get free food and then yes you got it we partied. First with the party games in Melanka, O mean really they asked which film the Top Gun theme tune was from (they played it)! So I got an armband that got me cheap drinks and I could drag people onto stage to join in the games hehe, I got a few people from the group up. Then we danced on the tables I bumped into more people I knew, and then we moved on to Bojangles. A great bar, where our pictures will end up on their website no doubt.