Sucre, Bolivia
19° 2' S 65° 15' W
Sep 28, 2005 21:37
Distance 80km

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in and out of altitude

sucre is bolivia's official captiol, filled with numerous white buildings (hence la ciudad blanca) and a few universities.  its definately warmer than potosi (at 2700 m instead of 4000) with sun everyday and weather of about 65 degrees. instead of taking a bus from potosi to sucre we opted for a taxi.  the we being myself and two dutch guys i had traveled form uyuni with.  the taxi turned out to be a great idea for our driver is a tour guide in training and took every opportunity to let us get out and take pictures, and even walk across a rickety old bridge that used to be the only connection between sucre and potosi.  the place i stayed in was a german guesthouse filled with plants and warm hospitality, and i even managed to get some laundry done here.  it has been a long time since my clothes have seen any type of machine wash.  sucre boasts a handful of churches, all white of course with clay tiled roofs, as well a good amount of interesting museums.  my favorite being museo charcas, a university establishment housing modern art, colonial art and furniture, as well as archeological finds (including a mother and child dating back to 1000ad)  this area is also busting with textiles, most of which claim to be handmade but who can be sure, for i am no expert.  thankfully not as many lawyer offices as potosi, but plenty of shoe-shiners and beggers.  this is where the miners come to retire!

its somewhat dark but i find it interesting to visit cemetaries when i get the chance.  you can learn alot from a culture just by walking through them.  the cemetary in BsAs was lavish boasting mausoleums in granite and marble.  one visited in pucon, chile was more like an american graveyard, where family plots weren't stacked but buried next to each other in the ground, using traditional headstones.  this one in  sucre was mostly walls stacked six or so high with glass doors, trimmed in gold.  inside the doors were flowers, animals, cartoon figures, pictures, even radios playing music.  of course, being the capitol, this one was filled with ex presidents and militarymen.

there's also an interesting landmark in town, an obelisk built off of money from fining bakers who cheated on the size and weight of their breads.  i also ate at a chinese resturant with a comforting sign overhead that said ¨watch your bags and things of value on the floor¨ and it had a picture of a rat.  by this time i had already recieved my meal! 

now i climb back up for my trip to la paz!