Ko Phi Phi, Thailand
7° 41' N 98° 46' E
Aug 11, 2005 10:14
Distance 702km

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Amy, Damo and Nic do Khoa San Rd

Amy is a LEGEND and I love her. She travelled 1,000's of miles from a shitty little town called Alton to come and see me in Thailand for three weeks of pure FUN!!!! What a friend

We had one BIG night out in Khoa San Rd (we also bumped in to the lads from India) then headed to Ko Phi Phi.

Photos / videos of "Amy, Damo and Nic do Khoa San Rd ":

Me and Amy in Khoa San Rd, Look who it is!!! We bumped in to Mic, Dan and Chris the lads from India  in a club in Khoa San Rd, Fair play this girl is HARD TO THE CORE! Straight off the plane and she's on the buckets Dan and Em. Em pinched the hat of a thai bird. Who copt a right strop with us and snatched it back just after the photo was taken!, Martha, Kat, Em and Lynz sharing a bucket down Khoa San Rd! More buckets, Me and Amy had a fried bug eating contest after a few buckets!, This girl is THE BEST FUN!, Me, Damo and Amy - Alton massive - meet up in Bangkok and have a bucket or two!