Sucre, Bolivia
19° 2' S 65° 15' W
May 31, 2005 14:00
Distance 261km

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Sucre - Nice town

Finally arrived, and it was madness getting off and trying to get our bags, during this time we had met 2 lads who was in the same situation as us, so we went off in search of a hostel.  After looking across the road at the hotels, we decided to cattch a bus into the centre of the city and try there.  We finally got checked in and met some of the people who was in the Pantanal with us.  Got sorted and went off to the main plaza where we ended up in an Irsh bar having something to eat.  Had a look around the city and wandered back to the hostel.  When we got back we had been invited to go the the bars and clubs with a few other.  Got a taxi to the place and it was mad.  People were selling beers on the street and all the cars were parked up with their boots open playing their music loud.  We staying and drank on the street for a bit then tried to get into one of the clubs.  Every one got in apart from me and andy, as we had shorts and sandles on.  We got a taxi back to the main plaza and walked back to out hotel.  about an hour later trist had came back and couldnt wake me up so he fell asleep outside. 

We woke up quite early as we had planned to go to the caves and waterfalls.  We walked to the old bus station where we haggled for a taxi to take us to the inca trail site which took us 3 hours, but we got told it took only 1 hour.  When we finally got up to the site we had to pay extra to get in as we wernt locals.  We walked around for about 1hour and a half then went to the caves and seen 3 big waterfalls.  Got back to the city about 6-30 and walked back to out hotel. 

The next morning we awoke to hard rain.  We packed up out stuff and caught a taxi to the bus station, put our bags in storage and went off to get some breakfast to kill a bit of time as we were waiting for the others to get in off the death train.  Finall the train came in about an hour late.  They were tired and pissed off, they came upstairs to get some food and we told then that we were getting a bus, they didnt like this so they stayed and we went