Fraser Island, Australia
25° 15' S 153° 10' E
Aug 14, 2005 00:46
Distance 729km

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There's been some freak weather and we've just had the coldest night on record (though being Australia I don't suppose that's very long), which I enjoyed on the overnight bus with no heating. It's still cold so everyone is wrapped up in coats, but the sun is still shining so it's not all bad.

Fraser Island is almost entirely sand, yet supports diverse ecosystems, including rainforest. I've gone a bit gap year and joined a tour bus for three days, but was relieved to find the average age was over 18. We go to various beaches, lakes, rock formations, lookout points, jumping off and surfing down sand dunes, and being entertained by the driver's running commentary and made up stories.

Evenings were spent in the bar remembering how to drink and watching us whip the Ozzies in the third test. Even when being thoroughly beaten they're lippy, so I hate to think what it would be like here if they were winning.

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Sunset, Fraser Island