Drakensberg Garden, South Africa
29° 45' S 29° 15' E
Dec 18, 2002 11:34
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Cathederal Peak Attempt

Well, we tried.
We wanted to climb Cathederal Peak. But in the end we got foiled by the rain swollen rivers. After fording a couple on the way up to the mountain we came accross one that we couldn't even try.
I'll be back.
In the meantime we climbed up a hill to a place called Mushroom Rock where we had some great views and found some really cool rock paintings and a rock shaped like a mushroom ...
We had some good views of Giants Castle (some mountains resembling a castle?) in the clearing clouds. It looked very ominous as the sun began to set. On thge other side of all these mountains is a very high plateau upon which the country of Lesotho is stationed (completely surround by South Africa). It was granted its own Kingdom (1860s?) by the kindly Brits (in return for siding with them and ridding the countryside of Boers). I begin to romanticise an African Tibet in the clouds and mountains, hmmm just over those mountains ... so close. A plan is forming to come back and walk along the top of these ridges.

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