Sheffield, United Kingdom
53° 21' N 1° 30' W
Jan 26, 2007 16:48
Distance 1419km

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Post-Christmas with Pip

Found a super cheap flight from Pisa to Sheffield, where my friend lives.  Stayed with her family for a few days, which was really nice and homey, plus I got to experience a bit of English Christmas- the Christmas pudding and mulled wine and such. We also went hiking in Chatsworth, right nearby, which is where they filmed Pride and Prejudice.  The Duke and Duchess of Chatsworth have everything that they own painted a certain royal blue to indicate its their property.  Ah, how very English...

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[image] [image] [image] [image] [image] Pip with house and car The aforementioned royal blue This humongous turkey is a survivor of Thanksgiving and Christmas! Pip and parents Pip's backyard [image]