Machupicchu, Peru
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Jul 01, 2005 15:43
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Final Day Inka Trek

I wont say much about today the most important day. A 5am start with a good breakfast, last nights dinner can only be described as a banquet.

At 7am we got to the gate, no one can describe what it is to see for the first time what has taken 4 tough days. To do it in the fasion of the inka. To approach it as they would even 500 years ago. The trek was worth it and you will only appreciate Matchiu Pichu properly when you have completed the trek. Those who go by bus will never really put it in perspective. All they see is a part of the puzzle.

If you cant walk the trail then you are a little unfortunate. That aside you will still wonder in awe. So many people were there but it's bigger than you think. I'm glad I came, it deserves to be called a wonder of the world.

Photos / videos of "Final Day Inka Trek ":

It´s very early, honestly You can see that we are at a height taking pictures of MP To the right of MP is Wanapichu but the whole mountain looks like an Elephant asleep We are getting nearer to MP Some people tried to get close to the Llamas Mactipicchiu this way sir!!!!!!!!!!! If you are going to sacrifice someone you might as well have a good view. Who lives in a house like this, at last we get close Another View A virw to the right of MP with the sunshining down More views A good map which will explode for you Around the campus As you can see there are nice views everywhere Our little group in MP Exquisite block work Just think how long ago this was done Part of the palace, buildings were small Marty on a high A room with a view Their Sun Dial A view from Wanapicchu the mountain beside MP , most people also climb it for the views but it´s a very steep climb WE got the train back