Kalambáka, Greece
39° 42' N 21° 37' E
Apr 26, 2005 14:30
Distance 69km

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The foot of the Meteora

The bus driver dropped us at the edge of town to fend for ourselves, but we have managed to find a decent enough room near the road up to the monastries so that we could chill out with a few beers this afternoon.

The rocks are amazing!!!!

More later.....

We actually managed to sleep in a bit this morning since we had been up early the last few. When we did get up we managed to grab a quick pita for breakfast before heading to the bus. The guy selling tickets told us the easiest way to get to Kalambaka is to go to Larisa then catch the Ioannina bus across, about €15 each. The bus left Delphi, descending to the olive plain and winding around some amazing mountain roads before we eventually got down to the enormous plain that meets the sea, and Lamia.

After Lamia we travelled up the very flat plains towards Larisa. The plains are filled with fields that are mostly crops - we didn't see many grazing animals except for a few sheep here and there.

Once we reached Larisa we had about an hour's lunch stop before the bus to Kalambaka arrived. This art of the journey was also across dead flat plains, but the low hills here were covered with scrubby bush and really looked like we were passing through the Brisbane Valley or something - apart from the snow-capped mountains in the distance.

The rocks of the Meteora came as quite a shock after the flat plains - they are at the foot of a huge mountain range that stretches across the country north of here. The bus driver dropped us at the edge of town. There was about 15 people or so, and we all just milled around for a bit saying "what on earth has he dropped us here for?". We never actually worked that out since there is definately a bus station in the centre of town. Anyway we walked down the main street trying to find a tourist information centre, and eventually after asking directions discovered that it was closed (possibly permanently).

We must have looked a bit lost since we were grabbed by a hotelier who wanted us to pay €30 a night for this tiny and nasty-looking room with two single beds. We mumbled something about two beds and tried to get away but he said "I have other rooms with a double bed!" and whisked us off up the road to another set of rooms which were a lot nicer and also had a view of the meteora, and was the same price, so we decided it was fine for two nights.

There's not a lot else to do around Kalambaka except sit in a café and drink Mythos in the afternoon sun and admire the towering rocks. Eventually we left in search of some food for tomorrow and got some gyros for dinner as well.

Photos / videos of "The foot of the Meteora":

View from our hotel room View from our hotel room View from our hotel room On the bus Looking back towards Delphi Olive plain Through the mountains Through the mountains We think that might be Mount Olympus.  Hello Gods! Greece?  Or Ipswich? View from our room in Kalambaka Monasteries Relaxing Grape vines in the middle of town, Kalambaka