Uyuni, Bolivia
20° 28' S 66° 50' W
May 04, 2005 00:41
Distance 160km

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Salt flats, mountains, lakes and volcanos

The last 4 days have been amazing. The words here and pictures below can not do justice to the landscapes of south west Bolivia. Saturday six of us left Tupiza in a 4x4 landcruiser with Panchito driving and his good wife by his side ready to feed us hungry gringos. Over the next four days we would witness postcard views in every direction of mineral rich mountains, ghost towns, deep colourful canyons, millions of cacti, 5000 metre snowy passes, reflective lakes, hot spring and bubbling mud, active volcanos and of course the worlds largest salt flat - Salar de Uyuni.
The sun shone every day, the nights dropped below freezing, the altitude gave me a massive headache, we listened to the same 3 tapes over and over when ipod batteries ran out, saw flamingos alpacas and llamas, ate some of the latter and took some classic salt falt photos.
One of the best trips i have token anywhere in the world, unbelievable and enjoyable.

Photos / videos of "Salt flats, mountains, lakes and volcanos":

The valley of the Sun great views in every direction, day 1 day 1, about 900km to go Old Onca mine site, morning of day 2 Day 2, over a pass of 15383 feet, not the highest of the trip, but one of the coldest. One of many reflective lakes.  The white stuff is Borax, a crystalline salt, with a slight alkaline taste, good for soap and soldering materials. Lake and volcano Over there is Chile Emerald lake in front of an ancient volcano which marks the Bolivian-Chiliean border. Sulfur clouds coming from pools of bubbling mud. Flamingos in the morning, day 3 wierd rock, the desert ground is rutted from many 4WD tracks resembling a plowed field. Our guide Panchito and myself. Mineral rich mountains Another lake rock climbing Nick, Maurice, Steve, Jes, Bjorn & Lally, just before sunrise on the Salar de Uyuni Our transposrt for the past 4 days on the salt flat Nick, Lally holding Jess and myself Salar de Uyuni A great crew to enjoy a great trip Piles of salt being mined on the falts Team photo self portrait i think that Maurice