Potosí, Bolivia
19° 35' S 65° 45' W
Aug 03, 2005 20:00
Distance 150km

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night bus Uyuni-Potosi

When we finished our tour in Uyuni problems with my stomach started. All my other travel mates seem to be perfectly fine. The only different thing I ordered was a hot choclate. Now, I am suffering and running to public baños after I messed up a restaurant baño - no further details, and every time paying 1 Boliviano. How will I survive the upcoming night bus trip to Potosi??????  !!! Help!!!!!! At 19h a weak Sabina climbes into the bus (not having a toilet) and just hoping the best...My french travel mate was aware how risky it could be sitting next to me. Plastic bags close reachable. I'm happy that I have a fast and strong sleep under various travel circumstances... with 2 hours delay and frozen bodies, at 3.30am we finally could check in in our Hostal, booked already in Uyuni, so the lady was already awaiting us...

What a nice treatment to slide into the beds..

Already at 10am we visited La Casa de la Moneda in Potosi, this time I suffered from lack of air and the altitude of 4000m. In the afternoon another visit: Convento de Santa Theresa, worse air than in the morning, another 2 hours of suffering and gasping after air...

Next morning we visitid the miners in the cerro rico, once again no air, dust...We were ordered by our female travel guide to buy presents for the miners: cigarettes and coca leaves. They fill their mouths with 30 grams daily of this coca leaves - they don't fill hunger and work with more energy.... She in the meantime filled her mouth with at least of 100 grams at once...her cheak seem to explode, and during she talked to us her teath turned into green monster teeth...yuck....in the narrow, dark, dusty  passageways you  can see a lot of spitted rests of dry coca somewhat's...

There 10'000 miners working in this Cerro. We saw not more than 15. They must have been working deeper in the Cerro, under circumstances I don't like to think about...

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Potosi Cerro Rico Miners in Cerro Rico Miner train cementary in Uyuni Potosi Casa de la Moneda Potosi