San Francisco, United States
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Dec 07, 2005 20:28
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Friends in a foriegn land!

When i got to LA I had intended to go online to find out about hostel in San fran. However, after realising that there wasnt anywhere to go online, it meant that when i arrived in san fran i was still none the wiser!
So in LA, having waited at an unmanned info post for an hour, I realised that no one really was coming! so, eventually managed to find a courtesy info phone from whcih i managed to get hostel details.
Soon got in touch, and just hoping everything was going to sort itself out, it did! James, a friend from home, who i had emailed from fijim had booked me a room, and an airport taxi was only 16 ucks to get there, all perfect.
Dropped bags, and chased up the street to find James sitting about to eat in a vietnamese place. Was aweseom to catch up.

Later, had a bit of dilema with cash machines as none of them seemed to want to dispense any cash to me, started to panic, but thankfully eventually, one of them decided to dispense!

Also forgot to mention that so far, the claim that everyone in san fran is friendly and helpfull has totally been lived upto. On my connecting flight I got chatting to my single serving friend, which turned ouut to be a v freindly girl who within 5 minutes had already given me her card and said to get in touch if i needed any help!! Great to have contacts in the city.

By the way, thanks to Graham and Daine who recommended the Green Tortoise, its quality!

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