Thames, New Zealand (Aotearoa)
37° 8' S 175° 32' E
Nov 26, 2005 04:44
Distance 180km

Text written in: English

With all due respect.....

This is the most random little place I have been to so far. Got dropped off by Dan and Anna, dumped stuff at hostel (Sunkist on egde of town) and wandered into "town centre" shortly after 4.

I soon realised that the street I had just walked down...was town. On a saterday night, nothing was open but a few take aways, all of which had tables enough to serve to thousands, but sadly in most cases, the diners were outnumbered by staff! Oh, and of course the liqour stores were open!

The only place i have been to where the local "lads" hang outside a chartered accountants office. The weather being dreary obviously doesnt help its case, and im sure when its fine its a very cute place.

Its a pretty small, but i guess more typical of the "real" New Zealand without a massive tourist places.

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?! The local was exciting in the this town