Uluru (Ayers Rock), Australia
25° 47' S 131° 30' E
Mar 31, 2005 04:14
Distance 336km

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The Rock

So arrive finally at the main tourist attraction in the middle of nowhere! Althogh good to be there, were a little taken back by the sheer price of everything! if anyone goes there, be prepared to camp, and tkae food with you!
Went to Ayres Rock for sunset, and was good. Having slept in the car (long story but al linked to costs!) we all woke up early and headed to the rock for sunrise, whihc although stunning, was a little overated. However, then we set off at about 7:05 to climb!
Two of us made it all the way, and it really made you appreciate the sheer size of the place, its massive! Were down by around 9:05 with a good stay at the top. Wouldn't have like to do the climb any later as temperatures heading towards 40! but at least i can say ive done it! having dropped our friends at the airport, we headed back on the short 500km drive back to Alice!

So just looking back over some pics all of which seem so long ago, and i hadnt realised the woman dropping the kids off on the top of ayres rock! Also was trying to come up with somehting witty for the fact that it looks like the woman in the pink gloves is about to catch something coming out of Richs head!


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The gang and the rock The rock at sunrise Brucey and the rock! Oz desert Oz desert So excited! Rich Looking hot em Rich at the rock Awwww! Fantastic! The rock is conquered The view is immense The olgas from the rock Me.....and my shaaaaaaaadow! Rich and I at the summit of Uluru