Te Puke, New Zealand (Aotearoa)
37° 46' S 176° 19' E
Jul 29, 2005 21:46
Distance 63km

Text written in: English

The Big Kiwifruit

Every small town in Australasia has to have a "big" something, normally constructed out of concrete or fibreglass. In Te Puke (pronounced tea paw-key), just outside my hometown of Tauranga, it's a "big kiwifruit"that you can go up inside to admire the miles and miles of kiwifruit orchards. Yes, it is the "Kiwifruit Capital of the World".

On this day, Daniel also met my 92 year old grandmother and a bunch of friends of hers - we had a tea party. It was great. Daniel described it as "intense" - which pretty much sums up about how much taste we have for adventure, LOL

Photos / videos of "The Big Kiwifruit":

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