Paeroa, New Zealand (Aotearoa)
37° 21' S 175° 40' E
Jul 27, 2005 23:49
Distance 61km

Text written in: English

World Famous in New Zealand

Paeroa is the home of L&P - a soft drink made from local spring water and lemon. Daniel promptly pronounced it to be foul, and I have to admit it gave me a headache too (depsite loving the sickly sweet stuff as a kid). The local townspeople erected a "big bottle" in concrete in monument to this icon. Naturally enough, people stop to have their photo taken with this concrete monstrosity, sometimes leaning on it - which sends the locals in to hysterics. Not because they think it's goofy to take photos, but because the "bottle" has become somewhat of a convienient public urinal...

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[image] [image] The World Famous in New Zealand Lemon and Paeroa soft drink