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Jul 26, 2005 23:09
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Meeting the Prime-Minister

Well, didn't I feel special when I'd been in the country less than 24 hours and my dear friend Bradley-James is on the phone inviting me to meet the Prime Minister at a function he was attending ! Naturally, this was an opportunity not to be missed.

So we put on our suits and such and headed North to Auckland. It turns out the function was to celebrate 5 years of some sort of music funding program. Anyway, after about half an hour we see the PM making her way through the crowd to make her speech, and so I just stick my hand out at her. Of course she takes it (well, I guess I would have looked pretty damn foolish if she didn't!), and say to her : "My husband and I just wanted to thank you for your support during the passing of the Civil Union legislation" (NZ has just passed CU which are the same to marriage in all but name). She replied "Have you got one?" Me: "Yes, we had one 2 weeks ago in Paris" PM : " Congratulations, that's really great" and then she shook Daniels hand too. She was such a nice woman, and really genuine too. We figured it probably wouldn't be appropriate to ask her for a photo though!
After that, we stayed at the function for about another 30 minutes because it really wasn't our thing, and Bradley-James was busy working the crowd, so we went and caught up with my other long-time friend James and his lovely boyfriend who I met for the first time, and then it was time for the 90 minute drive back to Cambridge.

Photos / videos of "Meeting the Prime-Minister":

Daniel didn't know why I took this photo at first, and was less impressed three weeks later when I told him it was because he "was an American on a road trip in front of Mc Donalds" Rangitoto is a live volcano [image] [image] Auckland at Night - still no prettier [image] My little sister!