Paris, France
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Mar 22, 2004 17:07
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The first few days of Spring!

Everyone is "coming out" to my neighbourhood (but then, that's nothing new)... The photos taken in the Jardin des Halles were from the first *really* sunny day we've had this year - I actually felt warm! So things are starting to move again, which is great because I have had enough of this terrible Parisian weather!

The Stalingrad photos are rare, you'll hardly ever catch me in that neighbourhood. I had to go out there to visit the Foreign Manpower office to find out about my work permits. Not a great place to be. Still, I love that fountain, isn't it wierd??

Photos / videos of "The first few days of Spring!":

The Canal Saint Martin, looking northwards, Paris XIX Is this a water tower? You tell me - at Stalingrad, Paris XIX The elevated metro line 2, at Stalingrad (Sacre Coeur in the background) An example of the little wee heads over the arches at Place Vendome The Tuileries gardens at dusk A very suggestive fountain at Stalingrad, Paris XIX The Tuilerie gardens at dusk The Tuilerie gardens at dusk The Tuilerie gardens at dusk The old stockexchange (Bourse de Commerce) in the Jardin des Halles, Paris I A very worse for wear exterior freeze on the Eglise Saint Eustache, les Halles, Paris I (I thought it was very poetic) Saint Eustache from another angle, Paris 1 Bourse de Commerce showing the very weird greenhouses that the city has installed, Paris 1 Jardin des Halles, Paris 1 Jardin des Halles, Centre Pompidou / Beaubourg (Modern Art museum) in background, Paris 1 Saint Eustache, Paris 1 (I think it's prettier than Notre Dame) Affichage militant, Paris 1 Affichage militant, Paris 1