Paris, France
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Feb 18, 2004 17:39
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More photos from around the place!

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Mirchi at Pizza Pino restaurant at Châtelet Daniel writing out the wedding invitations A local Gargoyle (near Place Ivor Stravinsky, Paris 4) Boulevard Sébastopol, Châtelet (Paris 4 side) Daniel at our favourite (sshhh... gay!) bar, just on the corner (L'Amnésia) Daniel painstaking working on those invitations (well we are investing 200 euros in them) Daniel at Amnesia Door on Rue du Temple, Paris 3 Nick at Pizza Pino Me at above mentioned cheap italian restaurant Paris, a city of contrasts and contradictions (hack, hack) Mirela and Nick just before they went back to Avignon, at Gare de Lyon (Lyon Railway Station) Graffitti, Rue des Petits-Champs, Paris 2 (Instead of the typical "I like my neighbourhood, I tidy up", it says "I like my neighbourhood, I prostitute myself publicly (racoler)". Politically Incorrect 19th Century signage, Rue Montorgeuil, Paris 2 A derelict door (but still in use), Paris 3 A beautiful day in paris by the Seine Mirela and I in a "Passage" in the 2nd