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May 28, 2005 20:25
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When the city stinks of sex instead of piss

Park at Buttes-Chaumont. What you can see - the beautiful 19th century landscaping (all artificial, including the stalactites) designed by Baron Haussmann. What William didn't have the nerve to photograph - the gorgeous boys sunning themselves, playing games and hanging out. I'll try next time. Rendez-vous Buttes-Chaumont every Saturday between 16 and 18 ;-) .

Yes, in late Spring/early Summer, something happens to Parisians. The mood lightens, the clothes come off, and the city, almost quite literally, begins to stink of sex instead of piss. A few weeks ago, perfume and restaurant smells were heavy in the air. Before that, the crisp numbness of the frost. And in a few weeks time, the piss will be back with it's seasonal friends pollution and sweat. But for the moment, in this glorious 26 degree weather, everyone seems just a little horny... and I loooooove it.

We saw the most outrageous thing at the park. The "sun-tanning section" is on a steep slope. Anyway, there were a couple of lovers there (man/woman) rolling all over themselves. Then third person arrives, and positions him blatantly to look up this woman's skirt, even changing position when she did. Half of the hundred-odd people on-looking are speechless. It takes about 10 minutes for Mr. Lover to notice this indiscreetion... and then nothing. No Gallic showdown, just some mean staring until the guy left. What an anti-climax.

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