Sceaux, France
48° 46' N 2° 16' E
Mar 21, 2005 12:19
Distance 10km

Text written in: English

First city escape of the Spring

Well, we didn't get far, only about 20 kilometres, but we did discover a lovely Chateau (well, more like a big house) and domain. Sceaux, in the southern suburbs is reasonably well heeled and well off the beaten tourist track. Only 15 minutes by regional express train from central Paris, the place isn't quite as grandiose as Versailles, but is certainly a lot more comfortable and suitable for a picnic. Even if we did feel a bit like "the only gays in the village", it was clean and everyone was well behaved. Had a nice beer in the 20 degree sun. Hard to believe it was snowing only a few weeks ago !
Actually, you can see a very short film of the snow I made at Place des Victoires at :

Hope you're all well.... Next week, I think we're going to discover another forest/woods/park. Depends on the weather and if we can get out of bed by 1300 !

Photos / videos of "First city escape of the Spring":

Arriving - the "Cour d'honneur" is now a carpark Gate scuplture The Château Son Altesse Royale - Her Royal Highness The view from the Chateau The view from the Chateau The view from the Chateau Looking back up at the Chateau + a random The canal - 3 kilometres to walk around Pavillon d'Hanovre and some picknickers Canal Sculptures "There is nothing wrong with 'helping' a buddy *out*" Cascading fountains Someone was unpopular during the revolution... Someone was unpopular during the revolution... A fabulous old lady. She was better in real life. As usual, we managed to get lost on the way home.