Tauranga, New Zealand (Aotearoa)
37° 41' S 176° 10' E
Jan 05, 2004 20:00
Distance 40km

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Day with Nana

Well, headed over the Kaimai ranges with mum to see nana, ended up spending about three hours there. my aunty was there too which was nice :) Unfortunately there was also an old friend of my nana who insisted on showing me her holiday photos (including a shot of woolworths at honolulu, i kid you not) and monopolized the conversation. still, it was good to see her.

Tauranga hasn't changed at all, it's still a bit of a hole. but they've tidied up the main street nicely, so mum and I went down there for a coffee.

Photos / videos of "Day with Nana":

Me at the "Red Square" downtown Tauranga (our family hometown, we're all from there) Mum on the Strand at Tauranga Me and Nana Me and Nana