Wellington, New Zealand (Aotearoa)
41° 17' S 174° 47' E
Dec 29, 2003 22:40
Distance 394km

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Flying to Wellington for New Years!

Hey! Will be staying in Wellington until the 3rd, allowing New Years and a Friday night down there! Hope I catch up with all you cool people, looking forward to arranging stuff. Haven't got a NZ cellphone no. anymore, and lost many numbers when my old NZ cellphone was stolen in Oct 02. Email me, and let's arrange stuff.

Arrived on NZ 5091 from Hamilton at 1245. The flight down was really rough, an old propeller plane... but it's really lovely to be down here, i had forgotten how beautiful wellington was. I went to the beach this morning, only 10 minutes drive from downtown...

Here are some photos of the local cityscape....

Photos / videos of "Flying to Wellington for New Years!":

Typical Wellington houses (Te Aro Valley) On Oriental Bay, a downtown beach about ten minutes walk from the skyscrapers in the background (Downtown) Ditto My friend Rob on Oriental Bay Beach, looking across Wellington to the Hutt Valley A ferry to the South Island A typical Wellingtonian home, in the city suburb of Island Bay (10 mins from downtown by car) Social housing in NZ at Kilbirnie, near airport (five mins to downtown by car) ditto A smaller home near the airport ditto Looking across the bay to Wellington airport Lyall Bay a Pohutukawa tree, NZs Christmas tree, so called due to the red flowers which appear in December Wellingtons  Southern coast, looking to the Tasman Sea. On the coastal road, 10-15 mins from downtown Southern Coast Southern Coast Wellington traffic... Southern Coast Wellington houses built up the hill around a bay Southern Coast Island Bay (with the Island!) Wellington homes in Island Bay, showing the staircase (you can see the white wooden hand rail) leading up to the home. More hilltop houses A typical street in Island Bay A Te Aro Valley home (5 mins walk from Downtown) Driving down Aro Street (Te Aro was formerly a working class district, but is now home to bohemian types) Rob driving The former, inviting looking Corner of Ghuznee and Willis Streets downtown Courtney Place and Robs fat head Mount Victoria, a downtown suburb Another old derelict building on the waterfront about to be converted to apartments Rob and some Oriental Bay houses Me on Oriental Parade with the bay and Mount Victoria in the background Rob at the Windmill on the Brooklyn hill, looking down on the southern coast of Wellington Me on the Brooklyn hill, looking down on Downtown and the Hutt Valley in the distant background Rob on the Brooklyn hill Rob at Breaker Bay, only 15 minutes drive from downtown (nearly always deserted) Me at Breaker Bay Rob's home in Island Bay A random bay seen from the plane Mount Victoria and the inner-city suburb of Roseneath Downtown, Mount Victoria and the Kelburn Hills seen from the plane The stadium and the innercity suburb of Thorndon seen from the plane The outer suburbs of Wellington seen from the plane The outer suburbs of Wellington seen from the plane Paekaekaeriki Main Street, just for Daniel The way to Piecock