Whangarei Heads, New Zealand (Aotearoa)
35° 48' S 174° 30' E
Dec 27, 2003 01:58
Distance 226km

Text written in: English

Up to Whangarei with Dad

Dad and I are going to spend some time together up north - James' family is celebrating up there this year, and they've invited us along. It should be really nice, don't know that part of the country well

Photos / videos of "Up to Whangarei with Dad":

A traffic jam NZ style, all the Aucklanders escaping south-bound for the weekend (we drove past stationary cars for about 15 minutes) Mathew lives in Auckland now, this is Mathew and my Dad on Mathews balcony, with a view of the Auckland Domain Me and Dad Me and Mat Queen Street, the main street in Auckland, NZs largest city (not much to look at) Crossing the Auckland Harbour Bridge, a critical step in our trip northwards Aucklands North Shore Rangitoto, a cone-shaped volcano-island off the coast of Auckland Me at the beach near Whangarei A typical street in a rural settlement At Waitangi, in the Bay of Islands The Treaty House at Waitangi, where the founding documents of NZ were signed Dad at the Bay of Islands On the motorway back down south, Auckland in the distance ditto Dad in the water at the bay we found at the end of our walk Another photo of our private little bay We found a bush walk leading off the main road, and decided to follow it. Half an hour of walking through dense native bush later, we found a little bay all for ourselves Me in the Bay of Islands