Te Aroha West, New Zealand (Aotearoa)
37° 34' S 175° 44' E
Dec 22, 2003 02:00
Distance 118km

Text written in: English

Spending Time with Mum for Xmas

Christmas will be with Mum, halfway between Hamilton and Tauranga, 90 mins south of AKL

Photos / videos of "Spending Time with Mum for Xmas":

My brothers Mathew (19) and Ethan (13) in Mums dining room Mathew carving (and eating) the Christmas ham Me and Ethan in Mums backyard (Kaimai ranges seperating Waikato and Bay of Plenty provinces in the background) Me and Mathew on Mums old car in the front yard The three of us as bogans (t-shirts were joke gifts from Mathew) Another pose Mum, Ethan and Mathew at the Christmas table Mum, Mathew and myself in the living room on Christmas day No, I'm not doing unheard of things to the dog... Mount Te Aroha in the town of Te Aroha, near where my mother lives (Te Aroha means Mathew in Te Aroha