Bulls, New Zealand (Aotearoa)
40° 10' S 175° 22' E
Mar 29, 2002 21:28
Distance 99km

Text written in: English

Taihape-Home of My Favourite Travel Story

They didn't have Taihape in the list of places, so I chose Bulls.
Anyway, James and I pulled into this hole for a laugh, and to get a coffee. Well, the first couple of 'tearooms' we looked at were just way too far out there (replete with brown vinyl chairs, industrial gumboot clad customers and lamingtons - I really wanted a lamington, but not that badly), but the third place was sort of "Country Kitchen" style and looked OK.
Anyway, we ordered two espressos, and the girl behind the counter put them in "to-go" cups. But the poor dear didn't realise that espresso was supposed to be small ( I guess she'd never needed to use that function on the machine before), and asked us "oar, wid yew loike may tu tawp thit up with sum hort warter?". Bless her soul, she looked genuinely worried that she'd made some hideous mistake. Ah, the simple life.

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James enjoying the coffee