Hong Kong (historical), Hong Kong
22° 16' N 114° 9' E
Jan 08, 2004 06:25
Distance 9151km

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Shopover in HK!

Leave NZ on CX108, dep 1425 arr HKG at 2040.

Well, I've had a great time here in Hong Kong - a bit too long, but that's probably just cos I miss Daniel so much! I'd definately reccommend it as a shopover, that's for sure!

I hope you enjoy the photos I posted - as i mentioned before, i lost my first photos because my digital camera broke. Some of the photos didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped - I guess it's hard to capture the essence of a place, especially when it's as lively as HK...

Photos / videos of "Shopover in HK!":

The Atrium of the HSBC bank (looking up into it from underneath) Queen Victoria (that sour old bitch) Look carefully and you'll see fish swimming around in these tanks at the fishmongers Monkeys at the free zoo Yours truely on Victoria Peak These are goldfish for sale in these tiny little bags! (very beautiful exotic ones at that too) These poor live crabs are all tied up ready for sale