Auckland, New Zealand (Aotearoa)
36° 51' S 174° 45' E
Dec 22, 2003 00:05
Distance 9151km

Text written in: English

Arrival in NZ

CX 107 arriving at Auckland at 1305. Plan is to drive to Mums for Christmas Day etc.

Photos / videos of "Arrival in NZ":

I wasn't supposed to use the digital camera during the landing, but there were so many beautiful sandy bays coming into Auckland. Unfortunately this photo didn't capture them well. Mum and Ethan outside Auckland Airport Me and Ethan outside AKL airport South Auckland (Manakau City, near the airport) Suburban Auckland, as far as the eye can see Some of the more "upmarket" homes (with views on the motorway) Mall shop in Manakau city (going into Manakau just after arriving was a mistake, I just couldn't deal with that culture shock!) Crossing into the Waikato province where mum lives The main highway between Auckland and Wellington Stopping for a wee The lovely Huntly powerstation (coal) The Christmas Tree Shop (you choose the one you want, and they cut it down for 7 euros) Ethan next to the winner A Pub in Morrinsville, the nearest township to mum's place (20 kms). What a hole! Driving a long the main street of Morrinsville Downtown Morrinsville A Dairy, a dissapearing NZ icon, where you can buy old food for twice the supermarket price. Mathew studying in his student flat, being a student Mathew all fresh-eyed and youthful looking (in his flat) Mathew's "flat" (or pigsty) Another glamorous pub in downtown Morrinsville, this one's named "Nottingham Castle" (just for you Sophie) Ethan enjoying a quiet moment in a cafe on Morrinsvilles Main Street