Strasbourg, France
48° 34' N 7° 45' E
Nov 21, 2003 14:08
Distance 399km

Text written in: English

Strasbourg for our anniversary

Had a lovely time in Strasbourg - it's a very beautiful city, very Germanic. It reminded me a lot of Switzerland actually. The people were really friendly too. We could've seen the whole thing quite easily in a day, but Daniel and I have fallen virulently ill, which restricted our progress. Otherwise we could have made it up to Basel, only an hour away.

I have to say I didn't think much of the regional cuisine, but I did love the buildings. I really felt like I'd left France, it felt nothing like Paris. Beautiful medieval half-timbered homes, a very tranquil "river" encircling the inner city, and some beautiful cathedrals. We also went to visit the European Parliament, but that wasn't too much to rave about...