Rīga, Latvia
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May 01, 2003 13:11
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Weekend in the Baltics

Daniel was most kind to whisk me away to Riga to meet his friends one weekend, certainly a welcome distraction from the awful studies I was doing at the time !
It was my first trip into the former USSR - prior to that, the furthest East I'd been was Prague which most intrepid travellers to the region will inform you is not really Eastern Europe (as I was to find out).
Well, it was a bit of a 'baptism of fire' as some would put it, but everyone was so kind and lovely I quickly got over most of the intimidation. Also, they threw me in the deep end a bit, and insisted we go drinking beer in the park ! I felt a little out of place at first, but quickly found my feet, and once we did a tour of the lovely old town I felt much more reassured :D

Photos / videos of "Weekend in the Baltics":

Me looking a bit wary The old town - don't the colours remind you of Copenhagen ? Old Town Old Town The gang! Old Town Blackheads, a hanseatic traders lodge Central Bank of Latvia Italian Embassy The apartment complex we were staying in The street we were staying on Riga TV tower Riga TV tower (stunning innit) The gang :D Old Town Setting out on our road trip! Me driving on the right! (didn't last long - ie., until we came across our first roundabout!)