Paris, France
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Dec 31, 2004 22:59
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New Years in Paris

Against our better judgement, Daniel and I let James convince us that we should accompany him and his friends to the Champs de Mars to bear witness to the Eiffel Tower. So we did. There wasn't any light show or anything. At 12.00 the lights twinkled, and everyone went "ah", and I said, "what's the big deal they do that every hour on the hour for 10 minutes" before realising what it meant :D Then we got really drunk and walked home. The End.
Well, we got really rotten the next night as well. It was quite fun.

Photos / videos of "New Years in Paris":

At the Adonis, our local (aka the trashhole) Ben, Matt and James at Concorde Metro The Tour Eiffel At 12.10 they unceremoniously turn off the lights Sa Royale Altesse James before he went to work at 5am