Tijuana, Mexico
32° 31' N 117° 1' W
Dec 23, 2007 03:20
Distance 25km

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Very naughty fun

A couple of guys we met in a bar in San Diego offered to take us across to Tijuana and show us around... how could we refuse an invitation like that?! So we parked the car on the US side of the border and literally wandered across. Yes, you actually do go through a clanky fun-fair style turnstile! We had a lot of fun in one of the gay bars there tee-hee.

Photos / videos of "Very naughty fun":

The border crossing - you can see the turnstile on the right The main street The main street Our friendly waiter A charming young local boy who expressed amorous intentions to our attention Our friends from San Diego The traffic heading back across the border Traffic heading back across the border